Who Benefits


Teachers. Students. Parents. Administrators. Superintendents. Find out how SummitUp improves education, accountability, and outcomes in public schools.

Teachers and school districts

For teachers

SummitUp gives you an all-in-one solution for planning, monitoring and tracking multiple individualized education plans in a group setting. You’ll maximize instruction time as you spend less time assessing students, developing lesson plans, and tracking progress. Here’s how SummitUp benefits you…

  • Broad curriculum of lesson plans with modification capabilities. You’ll have access to a proven curriculum and lesson plans for teaching the skills each student needs to learn. Plus, you can personalize a lesson plan for an individual student. Plans include definitions, instructional steps and strategies to encourage generalization across settings, people and materials.
  • Differentiated instruction that’s built for the classroom. You’ll have the ability to individualize your approach by developing educational content within each student’s current abilities and apply individualized instructional strategies.
  • Real-time data collection and progress monitoring. Data for each individual student can be collected and graphed as you input it. Graphing features allow you to easily assess a student’s progress, focus areas and lesson plans. The data tracking, graphs and reporting can also help prove regression for IEP goals to justify services when needed.
  • Easy access to historical data. All individual historical data is stored in one place for quick access. You can see the child’s academic history on one page, including all lesson plans that are active, mastered, on hold or pending for later instruction.
  • Progress alerts. You can set student alerts to receive notifications when certain standards and conditions haven’t been achieved. This enables you to focus attention on lesson plans where a student is struggling.
  • A clear picture of new student skill levels. You’ll see data that’s specific to each student, so you can quickly see which lessons new students have achieved and those that are expected to come next. You’ll spend less time with assessments and redundancies will be eliminated.

For special education directors

SummitUp saves time and provides greater efficiency and consistency from year to year. Here’s how…

  • High usage and engagement. Teachers appreciate this all-in-one solution that enables them to spend more time on classroom instruction and helps them become more effective teachers.
  • Monitoring student progress. You’ll receive alerts when a plan is off track or progress isn’t being made. When you log in, you’ll see a user-friendly dashboard that enables you to easily scroll through all graphs and notes for individual students.
  • Access to lesson plans. You have greater control over the content of lesson plans and can approve new lesson plans before they become part of the curriculum library.
  • Consistency from year to year. Individual historical data is stored in one convenient place, so teachers and administrators can see each child’s academic history on one page, including active, mastered and pending lesson plans. This reduces assessment time and eliminates duplication, so students progress more quickly.
  • Efficient annual planning and reporting. The comprehensive assessment makes it easy to identify developmentally appropriate areas for instruction with clearly identified prerequisites. As a result, you’ll save time when reviewing and approving individualized education plans.
  • Automated alerts. You’ll receive notifications when skills are mastered, as well as when students aren’t making progress or other predetermined metrics aren’t being met. This enables you to quickly review and revise lesson plans with the teacher to ensure students continue to progress.

For administrators and superintendents

School districts are under increasing pressure to keep developmentally disabled students in-district and show meaningful progress. SummitUp provides a highly-structured, scientific approach to assessment and instruction. As a result, districts experience greater efficiency and reduce their exposure to potential litigation. Here’s how SummitUp benefits your district…

  • Stronger district and state IDEA compliance. SummitUp directly impacts the core principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and strengthens your district’s compliance.
  • Greater efficiency and accountability. SummitUp creates efficiencies, provides continuing assessment of student progress, and helps ensure that everyone is accountable.
  • Reduced litigation costs. Our proprietary software adheres to HIPAA and FERPA regulations to reduce risk of litigation.
  • Adherence to state mandates. Proven curriculum and lesson plans adhere to New York State mandates.

Students and families

For students

SummitUp empowers teachers to spend more time on instruction and less on assessment, planning, and reporting. As a result, students with autism and other significant learning challenges are able to master skills faster and gain greater confidence.

  • More engaging classroom time. Because SummitUp enables teachers to individualize lesson plans for each student’s abilities, lessons are more engaging and students experience greater success and confidence by mastering skills faster.
  • Less backsliding and year-to-year duplication. SummitUp provides teachers and supervisors with detailed data on each student. Duplication of prior year efforts is eliminated, and students continue forward progress because there is a clear picture of lessons that are expected to come next.
  • Individualized education plan in a classroom setting. IEP students can remain in district-based classrooms while mastering skills at their own pace.

For parents

As the parent of a child with significant learning challenges, you’ve likely had to advocate on your child’s behalf and may have experienced frustration in trying to fully understand his/her progress. Data-driven decisions increase the child’s rate of learning and independence.

SummitUp gives teachers and supervisors progress insights, and you’ll see which skills need to be mastered in what succession and will be able to monitor progress in real time. Your child will gain confidence by mastering skills more quickly and will become more independent as a result.